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A growing number of investors want to invest in companies creating impact beyond financial returns. It's not easy. Investors are constantly making a trade-off between investment returns and the desire to create societal impact.

Within the spectrum of social investments, our firm focuses on Impact Investing - a field focused on balancing the creation of measurable social impact alongside attractive investment returns. We are at the early stages of building a portfolio of impact investments over the next 3 - 5 years

What is Impact Investing?

A field of sustainable finance that is designed to generate financial returns in-line with investor hurdles while generating a measurable, quantifiable social impact


“If you care about solving large-scale societal problems, it is critical to support innovative for-profit companies that are creating solutions have sustainable business models to tackle the issues”

It is easy to confuse the terminology and types of social investments one can make - ESG, Venture Philantrophy, Not-For-Profits, Impact Investments...each form of investing comes with a different trade-off.


To begin a great discussion on investing in impact, we created this paper to provide clarity on the different approaches an investor can take to support social impact

Defining & Debating Social Investments

Having established that we want to find Impact Investment opportunities that generate measurable social impact and attractive financial returns, the next question is – where?

In this document we focus on understanding where capital is being invested today and where  attractive investment opportunities may lie

The Landscape & Opportunities in Impact Investing

Our last document on impact investing provides the overarching principles we use to construct our proprietary investment processes. Here we purposely provide only high-level overviews to our social investment processes and encourage you to reach out for more information.

Investment Process - Assessing Financial & Social Returns

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