Our Team

Our Team

The team at Chesswood Capital Management strives to deliver superior results and levels of service for our clients. With considerable background as investment and business managers, our team combines deep market knowledge, analytical acumen and a proactive approach to identify and capitalize on compelling investment opportunities. Our investment professionals employ rigorous due diligence processes, conducting comprehensive analysis and risk assessments to ensure sound investment decisions. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service, transparency and responsiveness, and our team's unwavering dedication and collective expertise ensure that we are well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the private credit market and deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Meet the Team

Max Torokvei

Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager

Max was the Vice President Operations of Scepter Corporation - an industry leading manufacturer of molded plastic products...

David Hodgson

EVP, Chesswood Group and President, Waypoint Investment Partners

Prior to his role as Executive Vice-President for Chesswood Group, David held the position of Managing Director, Portfolio Manager...

Chris Wallbank

Portfolio Manager

Chris is an experienced fixed income portfolio manager with a focus on research, trading, portfolio management and funding...

Leon Knight

Portfolio Manager

Leon Knight is VP, Finance of Chesswood Group and Co-Portfolio Manager of the Canadian Asset-Backed Credit Fund...

Michael Lindblad

VP Wealth Management

Michael is an experienced industry professional with over 25 years in the wealth management industry working closely with advisors and PMs...

Amy Aubin

Chief Compliance Officer

As the Chief Compliance Officer, Amy leads the firm’s regulatory and compliance efforts. With over 20 years...

Chris Nunes

Director of Operations and Client Service

Chris is an experienced Operations executive with over 25 years in the Wealth Management industry. Starting with the Toronto...

Culture Statement

At Chesswood Capital Management, our culture is the foundation upon which we build strong relationships, deliver exceptional results, and foster an environment of trust and collaboration. We believe that our commitment to this culture enables us to navigate the dynamic and evolving landscape of private credit with confidence and integrity.

Commitment to Clients

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. With our investment manager Waypoint Investment Partners, we strive to deeply understand their unique needs, goals and risk tolerances. By tailoring innovative, differentiated strategies, we aim to provide superior value and achieve long-term success for our clients. We prioritize open communication, transparency and responsiveness in all our client interactions.

Behaving Responsibly

We adhere to the highest ethical standards and conduct our business with honesty, fairness and transparency. These values define how we act and behave together on a day-to-day basis. We foster a culture of accountability and ensure that our actions align with our stated values. Upholding the trust of our clients, employees and stakeholders is of utmost importance to us.

Spirit & Innovation

We continuously strive for excellence in our field. Our team comprises of seasoned professionals with expertise in asset management and private credit investing. We invest in ongoing professional development and encourage a culture of intellectual curiosity and learning. By embracing innovation, we strive to deliver differentiated investment solutions and drive long-term value for our clients.

Collaboration for Success

Rather than individualism, we recognize that the collective strength of our team is instrumental to our success. We foster an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, diverse perspectives and teamwork. By leveraging the collective expertise and experiences of our professionals, we cultivate an atmosphere of shared learning, mutual respect and trust.

Risk Management & Due Diligence

Prudent risk management is key to our investment philosophy. We employ rigorous due diligence processes to assess potential investments and actively monitor portfolio risks. We prioritize comprehensive analysis, thoughtful decision-making and disciplined execution to protect and grow the capital entrusted to us.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in the power of adaptability and continuous improvement. We encourage a culture of constructive feedback, learning from both successes and failures, and embracing change. By consistently challenging ourselves and seeking new ways to enhance our processes and strategies, we ensure that we remain at the forefront of private credit investing.


Our culture defines who we are as an asset manager investing in private credit. It shapes our interactions, guides our decision-making and propels us towards achieving our clients' objectives. We are committed to upholding our culture and using it as a compass to navigate the complexities of the private credit market while delivering exceptional value to our clients, employees and stakeholders.